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    Add google analytics tracking (#9) · 689b23b8
    Manoj Pandian Sakthivel authored
    * Add google analytics to track all the pageviews, navigations and events
    - Using custom middleware and react-ga track the events
    - A warning is displayed in the console if the google analytics meta data is not defined when a new event is created
    * Minor correction to the warning message displayed on the console for missing GA metadata
    * Check if action value is passed in along with the GA metadata and use it
    * Update ReactGA package version to be exact value
    * Revert the intentional typo in the browser actions
    * Remove the automatic enforcement of the GA meta data
    - Added the ADR for Google Analytics
    * Add service wrapper to ReactGA and implement connected react router
    * Add the missing files from my previous commit.
    - Added the missing Analytics service wrapper
    - Added the ADR for google analytics tracking
    * Renamed the service file
    * Importing LOCATION_CHANGE from connected-react-router
    * Remove the unwanted return statement form the store
    * Ignoring the history replace actions from getting passed to analytics
    - History replace actions are not considered to be page views.
    - Update the :location in the browser URL to be a query string '?region=:location'
    * Remove '*' from the Browser path URL as it is not required
    * Update the check involved in tracking the page views
    - Checkking if the path is changed before sending the tracking info
    * Add type to GA service class
    * Remove trailing slash from the url before the query string
    * Removed an unnecessary comment
    * Get the tacking code for GA form the env