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    Fix drawer state (#118) · 87353a13
    Imran Salam authored
    * make drawer state unique to species instance
    * fix drawer not closing when clicked on browser tab and browser image
    * make selectors return the genome specific values for drawer and some browser specific state properties
    * fix thunk type in drawer actions
    * refactor drawer state returned in reducer
    * fix wrong drawer open check in 4b8ec1b5
    * make more changes as suggested in code review
    * fix wrong thunk dispatch type in track panel actions
    * fix wrong value returned for selectedBrowserTab
    * remove unnecessary calc method
    * fix wrong value returned for selectedBrowserTab
    * fix correct track not being highlighted on selection
    * fix undefined returned by drawer selector
    * change drawerViewForGenome to drawerView to be more relevant
    * use calc for getting the browser width rather than 41px (needs to be in the same format as other width values)
    * fix broken test cases
    * add a comment that tells about the need for the calc format for browser animation
    * use the ChrLocations replacing the genome ChrLocation object type
    * use classname to append class names instead of manually doing it
    * create closeDrawer action as it is used in many places within the browser
    * batch multiple dispatches in drawer actions
    * fix key type of TrackItemColour enum
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