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    Update the browser navigation panel according to the new designs (#205) · 9f2d8a27
    Imran Salam authored
    * change functionality of the region forms according to new design
    * add new breakpoints to the breakpoint getter function
    * fix the broken navigation bar layout in smaller screens
    * fix styling issues in navigation bar
    * fix broken browser navigation bar tests
    * remove unused ContentSwitcher import
    * add missing test for BrowserNavBarMain
    * fix closing track panel  and missing track panel tabs on big desktops
    * add breakpoint for big desktop
    * fix styling issues with labels in browser nav bar
    * fix issues in browser nav bar inputs
    * PR suggestions and design changes
    * fixed non-unique keys used in track panel bookmarks
    * fix issues in nav bar test cases
    * more PR suggestions
    * fix lint error in browser tests
    * change shouldBeOpaque to isGhosted to be more semantic
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