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    Adding filter and sort component to entity viewer (#303) · d17d3aab
    Ridwan Amode authored
    * Export soft-black colour and added to storybook
    * fix tabs button alignment
    * ENSWBSITES-497: filter and sort component
    * PR #303 feedback
    * fix classname merging
    * PR #303 feedback, renaming component, fix size for smaller screen
    * Reduc box sizes so that it align with transcript image below
    * Remove entityviewer transcriptfilter as this is not used anywhere
    * Improved checkbox and radio styling (same layout for both)
    * fix classname issue
    * Added checkbox with long labels and in grid layout
    * Fix test case failing because of styles empty when no classnames passed as props
    * Update the Checkbox component to avoid modifying the scss import
    * Update tests
    * fullwidth for filterbox is 100% by default
    Co-authored-by: Andrey Azov's avatarAndrey Azov <andrey@ebi.ac.uk>
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