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    Protein list in entity viewer (#289) · eb4d24f4
    Imran Salam authored
    * add lookup types
    * add lookup rest adaptors
    * fetch data from lookup for gene
    * add protein type and fixture
    * add protein list item and refactor EV rest fetching
    * fix storybook issues
    * fix styling issues
    * add coding exon count
    * PR suggestions
    * PR suggestions
    * remove unused protein type
    * fix protein domain image story
    * add abort controller to cancel api requests on unmount
    * add switch to mount current tab content only in gene function
    * remove unused class name from protein list item
    * change props name from product to protein in ProteinDomainImage
    * fix protein domain image not rendering
    * PR suggestions and styling fixes
    * fix styling issues in protein list item
    * use pointer cursor for protein list item to make it look clickable
    * add AbortController to sentry ignore errors list