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Remove PAR information (#579)

parent 3b47c7f4
......@@ -627,12 +627,7 @@ export const sidebarData: SpeciesSidebarData = {
assembly_level: 'complete genome',
annotation_method: 'full genebuild',
assembly_date: '2019-02-01',
notes: [
heading: 'Pseudoautosomal regions',
body: 'The Y chromosome in this assembly contains two psuedoautosomal regions (PARs) that were taken from the corresponding X chromosoles and are exact duplicates:\nchrX:10,000-2,781,479 = chrY:10,000-2,781,479\nchrX:155,701,382-156,030,895 = chrY:56,887,02-57,217,415'
notes: []
homo_sapiens_GCA_000001405_14: {
id: 'GCA_000001405.14',
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