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link to TSLint plugin provided by Microsoft instead to the deprecated one

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......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ The IDE setup may change depending on which one you have chosen. This document w
1. [GitLens]( Extends the existing support for `git`.
2. [Prettier - Code formatter]( Automated code formatting. Prettier is built into `webpack`, however it is not fit for formatting the code on the fly. It is currently disabled in `webpack`, so using this extension is recommended.
3. [SCSS IntelliSense]( The support for SCSS, the alternate syntax of SASS, is not great in VS Code. This extension adds this support.
4. [TSLint]( Adds TSLint support to VS Code.
4. [TSLint]( Adds TSLint support to VS Code.
5. [stylelint]( Adds `stylelint` support to VS Code.
6. [SVG Viewer]( By default, VS Code will show SVG images only as a code file. This extension will add functionality, to let you view the SVG files as images.
7. [snapshot-tools]( Enable linking of Jest generated snapshots with the Jest unit tests.
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