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Apply transcript filtering to protein view and reposition filter & sort box (#501)

* ENSWBSITES-1038: Applying transcript filters to protein view and showing message when there are no transcripts after applying filters on protein view

* repositioning filter and sort box
* readapting grid layout for geneview content to fit in filters
* Update styles to adjust the height of a grid row to the height of its content
* add box-shadow to filter box
* make red dot bigger when filters are active, filter label white when active
* fix background when scrolling for filter label
* using one icon (chevron down) for both chevron up and down and applying relevant transformation
* fix selected tabs when filterbox is open
* Set a minimum height for the panel so that it doesnt look squash when there is one line.
* set min-height in each child body style
* body style is passed as props to panel component
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