Commit d9aecf11 authored by Imran Salam's avatar Imran Salam
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change the tooltips of the header buttons according to new design spec

parent 6412d299
......@@ -22,10 +22,18 @@ type HeaderButtonsProps = StateProps & DispatchProps & OwnProps;
export const HeaderButtons: FunctionComponent<HeaderButtonsProps> = (props) => (
<div className={styles.headerButtons}>
<button className="launchbarButton" onClick={props.toggleLaunchbar}>
<img src={launchbarIcon} alt="toggle launchbar" title="Launchbar" />
alt="Toggle the Ensembl App Launchbar"
title="Ensembl App Launchbar"
<button className="accountButton" onClick={props.toggleAccount}>
<img src={userIcon} alt="toggle account" title="Account" />
alt="Toggle the Ensembl Account"
title="Ensembl Account"
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