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Fix browser back button behaviour on genome browser page interstitial (#489)

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......@@ -149,15 +149,25 @@ const useBrowserRouting = () => {
? buildFocusIdForUrl(activeEnsObjectId)
: null;
const params = {
const nextUrlParams = {
focus: focusIdForUrl,
location: chrLocation ? getChrLocationStr(chrLocation) : null
// In case the url is simply /genome-browser, use the `replace` history method to redirect the user further.
// This will allow the user to return from the next page (genome browser with genome id selected)
// back to the page from which they have navigated to the current one. If the `push` method is used,
// the user will not be able to get back past this page, because the url without genome id will remain
// in the history, and the user will be forcefully redirected to the url with the genome id.
// NOTE: the logic will likely change in the future when /genome-browser without the selected genome id
// becomes a valid searchable page in its own right.
const historyMethod = params.genomeId ? push : replace;
return {
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