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title: Collaborations
description: How to collaborate with us, on annotation, code development or other projects
# Collaborations
Ensembl is funded by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and by grants from a variety of different [funding sources](/about/articles/funding). In addition to direct funding, we benefit from long term collaborations with a number of consortia developing genome annotation resources in particular areas.
We are also active participants in a number of specific genome annotation projects, and are open to new collaborations in many forms, from seeking joint funding to establish a new domain-focused resource, to an informal collaboration to annotate a particular genome (or to develop an alternative genome-wide data set) and prepare it for inclusion in Ensembl. We also regularly participate in the [Google Summer of Code](/about/articles/gsoc) scheme.
Please email us via the contact button in the top right corner of any page to discuss any form of collaboration.
slug: gsoc
title: Google Summer of Code
# Google Summer of Code
For the past several years Ensembl has participated in the Google Summer of Code, enabling students to work with us on developing small projects for potitional integration into our infrastructure. Examples of past projects can be found in the GSOC archives:
- [2021](
- [2019](
- [2018](
- [2017](
- [2016](
If you are interested in participating, please see the main [GSOC website]( to find out more.
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- name: Collaborations
- name: Google Summer of Code
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