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Create check_tabix_list_against_ftp.sh

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file_list=$(curl 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/eQTL-Catalogue/eQTL-Catalogue-resources/master/tabix/tabix_ftp_paths.tsv' | tail -n+2 | cut -f 8 | sed 's/ftp:\/\/ftp.ebi.ac.uk\///')
remote_file_list=$(lftp -c "open ftp://ftp.ebi.ac.uk && find pub/databases/spot/eQTL/csv/")
for file in $file_list; do
if echo $remote_file_list | grep -q $file; then
echo "${file} not found on ftp server"
files_not_found_count=$(( $files_not_found_count + 1 ))
echo "Number of files not found on FTP server: ${files_not_found_count}"
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