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The book starts by installing the core Docker Engine on MacOS, Windows 10 and Linux desktops. We will then define multi-container applications and understand the advantages of using containers locally. Once this is done, we will deploy containers on a single Docker host which is publicly accessible. Furthermore, we will learn how to deploy and configure a Docker Swarm cluster and explore networking and storage third-party plugins to extend the core Docker functionality. Towards the end, the book will demonstrate how to monitor and troubleshoot day-to-day problems in addition to various real world examples of container deployments.
##Instructions and Navigation
## Instructions and Navigation
All of the code is organized into folders, code files are available for Chapter 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. For example, Chapter 1.
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### Note
There are no codes for the chapters 1 and 7, required software would be Docker, Amazon Web Service, Digital Ocean and Windows 10/Ubuntu/macOS Sierra
## Related Neural Network Products:
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