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    Migrate environment spec.json to the app.yaml model · 19b3b928
    Jessica Yuen authored
    Currently spec.json contains detail about an environment's namespace and
    server. Following the proposal at
    design/proposals/modular-components.md, this change will consolidate
    environment specifications in the common ksonnet app.yaml file.
    An environment specification for the environment "dev", may look as
        - namespace: foo
          server: example.com
        k8sVersion: "1.8.1"
        path: dev
        - db
    Note: This change currently doesn't support
    (1) population of the k8sVersion field. This will occur as we migrate
    the environment .metadata folder.
    (2) deployment to more than one destination. This will occur once ks
    supports multi-cluster deployment.
    (3) setting of details other than the env name in `ks env set`. Prior
    to this change, users are able to namespace and server URI, however it
    becomes ambiguous which namespace is being set for an environment where
    there can be multiple destinations. We will encourage configuration in
    app.yaml itself.
    (4) targets. This will come in a later change.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJessica Yuen <im.jessicayuen@gmail.com>
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