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    Add versioned, environment-scoped package support · ada571f6
    Oren Shomron authored
    This change adds version-mapped package support to environments. An environment can specify the specific version of a package to consume - and multiple, side-by-side versions of a package can be installed in the package cache.
    Closes #631
    Closes #651
    * Deprecate GitVersion from LibraryConfig
    * pkg.Descriptor.Part -> pkg.Descriptor.Name
    * Add Version, Path to PackageManager.
    * Composed package structs
    * Revendoring - Tailor import path to environment's packages, allow version-free import strings
    * Skip unversioned packages when revendoring
    * Allow injection of custom importers into jsonnet.VM wrapper
    * Allow passing VMOpts to VM via Evaluate*
    * Add versioned package evaluation test
    * Allow versioned packages to fall back to unversioned paths
    * Fix DefaultInstallChecker shadowed variable when looking up environment packages
    * Test skipping of missing paths in revendorPackages
    * Tweak CacheDependency->ResolveLibrary interface - onFile paths should always be relative to the registry root
    * Ensure 0.2.0 version is output when re-writing app.yaml
    Signed-off-by: default avatarOren Shomron <shomron@gmail.com>
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