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* Users can initialize a ksonnet project, add components, configure parameters, customize their environment, and apply configurations without knowledge of Jsonnet.
## More precise component usage
* Users can organize their components hierarchically, using directory structure.
* Users can customize an environment to target a specific subset of components.
## Component references
* Components can refer to parameters in other components.
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* Users can use their ksonnet environments with multiple Kubernetes clusters. An environment is not directly tied to a Kubernetes cluster namespace.
* Users can reference the current namespace in components.
## A new approach to registries
* Users can publish their prototypes and parts libraries to a global ksonnet registry.
* Users can offer multiple versions of parts.
## Support for local dependencies
* In addition to using the global registry, users can configure ksonnet to use parts on the local filesystem as dependencies.
## Default parts
* Standard Kubernetes object types (e.g. Deployments) will be wrapped as parts, and included with ksonnet by default.
* To reduce the complexity of the full API spec, these parts will expose only the most "useful" object fields.
* These parts will act as local dependencies and be upgraded through the registry.
* Environments are hierarchical and can inherit their configurations.
## JSON and YAML support
* Users can add JSON, YAML, or Jsonnet file into `components/` and be able to apply them with `ks apply`. Only Jsonnet files can use parameters.
* To better facilitate migrations, users can use `ks` to convert JSON or YAML files to Jsonnet.
## Apply
* Users can apply their configurations in a consistent manner. Resources that do not need to be changed will untouched during the `ks apply` process.
## Guidance for secrets management
* The ksonnet team will supply guidance on managing secrets in ksonnet. The team is currently investigating Bitnami's [sealed secrets](https://github.com/bitnami/sealed-secrets) as an approach.
## Refine output of `ks diff`
* Diff will only show the values the user changed in its output.
* Colors in diff output can be disabled.
## Static analysis with `ks lint`
* Introduce a linting framework that will allow ksonnet to warn users if their Jsonnet code or ksonnet app structure is no longer valid. Initial linting capabilities will include:
* Components which target unknown parameters
* Environment targets exist
## Editor integrations
* Extract the Jsonnet language server into its own project.
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