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Merge pull request #416 from bryanl/kubeconfig-notification

Print location of kubeconfig
parents 0583ed58 056c3259
......@@ -237,7 +237,7 @@ func (c *Config) ResolveContext(context string) (server, namespace string, err e
return "", "", errors.Errorf("context '%s' does not exist in the kubeconfig file", context)
log.Infof("Using context '%s' from the kubeconfig file specified at the environment variable $KUBECONFIG", context)
log.Infof("Using context %q from kubeconfig file %q", context, ctx.LocationOfOrigin)
cluster, exists := rawConfig.Clusters[ctx.Cluster]
if !exists {
return "", "", errors.Errorf("No cluster with name '%s' exists", ctx.Cluster)
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