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Merge pull request #823 from janwillies/example-fixes

update example with new syntax
parents af245809 f245c3e5
......@@ -26,10 +26,11 @@ const (
var DefaultOverrideData = []byte(`local base = import "base.libsonnet";
// uncomment if you reference ksonnet-lib
// local k = import "k.libsonnet";
// local deployment = k.apps.v1beta2.deployment;
base + {
// Insert user-specified overrides here. For example if a component is named \"nginx-deployment\", you might have something like:\n")
// "nginx-deployment"+: k.deployment.mixin.metadata.labels({foo: "bar"})
// "nginx-deployment"+: deployment.mixin.metadata.withLabels({foo: "bar"})
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