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# Change Log
## [v0.12.0]( (2018-7-17)
[Full Changelog](
ksonnet 0.12 introduces the following changes:
* Added Helm Registry support where charts operate as ksonnet parts [\#583](
* Added docker-image target to Makefile for building an image with ks [\#588](
* Updated go-jsonnet version from [dfddf2b]( to [a1964b4]( [\#597](
* Added `--installed` flag to `ks pkg list` to show installed packages [\#600](
* Changed location of cached registry manifests [\#604](
* Added `--server` to change Kubernetes server address in an environment [\#612](
* Added `--api-spec` to change Kubernetes API version in an environment [\#618](
* Added `ks registry set <name> --uri <uri>` command to update a registry URI [\#622](
* Changed GitHub-based registries to automatically follow remote branches [\#622](
* Removed versioning for ksonnet registries [\#632](
* Added retries up to five times for `ks apply` [\#639](
* Added `lib/` to jsonnet path [\#647](
* Changed vendored packages to be qualified with their versions and allow side-by-side installation [\#669](
* Updated `ks pkg list` to show canonical versions for packages [\#673](
* Added package version to `ks pkg list` [\#673](
* Added package versioning support where fully-qualified package identifiers can be specified by `<registry>/<pkg>@<version>` [\#683](
* Added `--output=json` to print tabular output as JSON [\#695](
* Added support for packages to be installed in an environment with `ks pkg install --env <env> <registry/package>` [\#697](
* Added environment scope for packages with `ks pkg list` [\#727](
* Added a force option to allow re-installing an existing version of a package with `ks pkg install --force` [\#744](
**Bug Fixes:**
* Allowed component selection for `ks diff` [\#592](
* Ensured registry paths exist prior to adding [\#601](
* Picked up proper kubernetes version when running on OpenShift [\#640](
* Re-added docker image resolver for setting parameters [\#645](
* Fixed case where `ks apply --dry-run` modified the cluster [\#699](
* Reworked failing end-to-end tests [\#706](
## [v0.11.0]( (2018-6-1)
[Full Changelog](
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