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Add ChangeLog for v0.9.1

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# Change Log
## [v0.9.1]( (2017-03-08)
This patch focuses on fixes around usability bugs.
**Closed issues:**
- version 0.9 - ks show <env> not picking up env param overrides [\#346](
- ks delete default fails [\#342](
**Merged pull requests:**
- bug: mapContainer extension typo [\#350]( ([bryanl](
- bug: env used incorrent params for rendering [\#349]( ([bryanl](
- bug: 0.1.0 apps don't rename envs in config [\#347]( ([bryanl](
- Fix formatting for param diff [\#344]( ([jessicayuen](
- Parse server version from GitVersion [\#343]( ([jessicayuen](
## [v0.9.0]( (2017-03-05)
[Iteration Plan](
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