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      Introduce commands: 'ks param' and 'ks param set' · 8fc6c76c
      Jessica Yuen authored
      Parameters are the customizable fields defining ksonnet components. For
      example, replica count, component name, or deployment image.
      Parameters are also able to be defined separately across environments.
      Meaning, this supports features to allow a "development" environment to
      only run a single replication instance for it's components, whereas
      allowing a "production" environment to run more replication instances to
      meet heavier production load demands.
      'ks param set' is defined as follows:
        'ks param set <component-name> <param-key> <param-value>'
      Updates the replica count of the 'guestbook' component to 4.
        'ks param set guestbook replicas 4'
      Updates the replica count of the 'guestbook' component to 2 for the
      environment 'dev'
        'ks param set guestbook replicas 2 --env=dev'
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