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#!/bin/env python
import json , sys
input_range = []
output_files_list = []
lumi_ranges = sys.argv[1].split(';')
for lumi_range in lumi_ranges:
jdata =
lumi_data = json.loads(jdata)
print jdata
exit (1)
lumi_data = lumi_data['data']
def match_in(sub_list,lumi_list):
sub_list = map(int,sub_list)
lumi_list = map(int,lumi_list)
for i in range(sub_list[0],sub_list[1]+1):
if i >= lumi_list[0] and i <= lumi_list[1]: return True
return False
def check_lumi_ranges(given_lumi_list , sub_range):
for lumi_r in given_lumi_list:
if match_in(sub_range, lumi_r):
return True
return False
def process_lumi(data):
for lumi_info in data:
lumi_rang = lumi_info['lumi'][0]['number']
lumi_file = limi_info['file'][0]['name']
for sub_list in lumi_rang:
if check_lumi_ranges(input_range,tuple(sub_list)):
for out_file_name in output_files_list:
print out_file_name
#Get file names for desired lumi ranges
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