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Create jenkins-migration-to-2.46

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Jenkins migration to 2.46 from 1.6
#pause/stop the vm
openstack server suspend cmsjenkins02
#take the volume snapshot that contains jenkins home
openstack snapshot create --name jenkins-snap <current_jenkins_volume>
#create the volume from snapshot
openstack volume create --snapshot <snap-id> newjenkins01v
#attach the volume to new vm
openstack server add volume --device /dev/vdb <new_jenkins_server> <volume-id>
#mount the volume and symlink jenkins home
mount /dev/vdb /build
ln -s /build /var/lib/jenkins
#start jenkins service
systemctl enable jenkins && systemctl start jenkins
# go to jenkins page and enable localcli for admin work temporarily
#suspend all the jobs
# upgrade all the plugins
# resume all the jobs
- use older jenkins-cli to avoid auth issues for jenkins-cli
- look at in-process-aproval script to enable groovy execution in jobs
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