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Before starting, upgrade to the latest version of GIT. To make sure you’re running the latest version, run
which git
If it spits out an old version, you may need to augment your PATH with the folder containing the version you just installed.
Ok, we’re ready. After doing a cd into the folder containing your git checkout, create an orphan branch. For this example, I’ll name the branch “mybranch”.
git checkout --orphan mybranch
Delete everything in the orphan branch
git rm -rf .
Make some changes
vi README.txt
Add and commit the changes
git add README.txt
git commit -m "Adding readme file"
That’s it. If you run
git log
you’ll notice that the commit history starts from scratch. To switch back to your master branch, just run
git checkout master
You can return to the orphan branch by running
git checkout mybranch
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