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This is deprecated, instead go to the EMBL Design System:
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# The Visual Framework for the EMBL Design system
This is an implementation of [the core Visual Framework (`vf-core`)](
for [the EMBL Design system](
Here you can find detailed documentation on EMBL Design system components.
## 🚼 Know the basics
If you've not already, take a few minutes to [read the basics of the Visual Framework](
## 1️⃣ 📦 Local development
Want to develop patterns?
*(You'll need gulp and node; [head here if you don't know what those are](*
- `git clone`
- `cd vf-embl`
- `npm install`
## 3️⃣ ⌨️ Launch the local pattern library
Type `gulp dev` and the pattern library will build and open in your browser.
Be sure to keep an eye on the console for any compile errors or style linting.
## 4️⃣ 🖌 Make and edit patterns
### Override `vf-core` patterns
1. If you haven't already, install the pattern via `npm`
- `npm install --save @visual-framework/vf-heading`
1. Move a pattern's source folder from `./components/vf-core-patterns` to `./components`
- `mv components/vf-core-patterns/vf-heading components/vf-heading`
1. If the pattern is present in `package.json` remove its reference
- Delete: ` "@visual-framework/vf-heading": "0.0.21",`
1. Edit the pattern in `./components` as you see fit
### Install additional patterns
You can install patterns from vf-core or from other Visual Framework-compliant pattern libraries.
To add additional Visual Framework core patterns, find one you like and use npm;
for example, the `vf-heading` pattern:
npm install --save @visual-framework/vf-heading
If a pattern you wish to use isn't available on npm, copy it to your `/components`
In either case, after adding the pattern you'll needed to reference the Sass in
your `/components/vf-core/index.scss`
### Create new patterns
This codebase includes a folder and file creation tool. It allows you to quickly create all the required files to make a component. It gives you the option to create am element, block, or container.
1. Install Yeoman
- If you've come this far and you don't have `yo`, you should be able to install it with `npm install -g yo@latest`
- If you get stuck, [see the official install guide](
1. Create a new component
- Run `gulp component` and answer the questions when prompted.
- **Type of component:** We use a variation of the atomic design methodology, [read about the differences here]( We use: elements, blocks, and containers.
- an element would be a heading, or a button
- a block would be a teaser, or a search form
- a container would be a group of teasers
- **Name of component:** Go for something simple and obvious (todo: we need a guide/documentation on how we name things). Don't worry about namespacing and prefixing, the tooling will take care of this.
- **NPM package:** If you're making something interesting (probably not an 'element'), then saying 'yes' will allow the component to be shared as an optional part of the framework on NPM.
- You customised template pattern will have been added to your `/components` directory.
1. Add the `@import 'vfc-your-pattern.scss';` to `/components/vf-core/index.scss`.
1. Developing your component
- Edit your template files in the `/components/your-pattern-name` folder
- Run `gulp dev` to compile and preview the pattern
1. Sharing you component back
- Publish it to npm; or
- If you think your pattern is of use to the wider `vf-core` community, [make a Pull Request](
## 5️⃣ 💅 Customise the pattern library
The Visual Framework uses the [Fractal pattern library](
You can customise the layout of the pattern library by editing the Fractal theme
in `tools/frctl-mandelbrot-vf-subtheme`.
For more guidance, [see the Fractal documentation](
## 6️⃣ 🏎 Put your pattern library into use
Once you've configured your pattern library, selected patterns and made a few new ones,
here's how you make use of them.
### Generate CSS and JS for your website
Running `gulp build` will generate a `/build` directory where you'll find:
- global assets
- `css/styles.css`
- `scripts/scripts.js`
- per-pattern JavaScript and image assets
- `assets/vf-*`
### Consume patterns as Sass
You can `@import` your sass, follow the example in `components/vf-core/index.scss`.
### Deploy your pattern library
To come.
### Keeping you pattern template up to date
`vf-embl` follows the [`vf-core` versioning](, that means you shouldn't have to update very often; that said:
1. Most improvements will be found by updating VF patterns, to see what updates are available: `npm outdated`
1. Watch for [new releases of `vf-child-template`]( We'll provide guidance on how to update.
1. Any updates will be easier if you're using a git repository, you are doing that, right?
## 7️⃣ 🎁 Contribute your Patterns
To come: how to add patterns back to the global `vf-core`
## 8️⃣ ⁉️ Ask the community
- [Slack](
- [GitHub issues](
This is deprecated, instead go to the EMBL Design System:
{% import "macros/status.njk" as status %}
<p>Here you'll find developer documentation on using components and creating new components for the Visual Framework.</p>
<ol class="vf-grid vf-grid__col-3">
<li>Read <a href="">the basics of the Visual Framework</a>;</li>
<li><a href="#boilerplate">Grab a boilerplate</a>;</li>
<li>Browse <a href="#grids">the components</a> below;</li>
<li>Learn <a href="docs/guidelines">how to create new components</a> or <a href="">request a new component</a> for the global `vf-core`;</li>
<li>Dive deep and <a href="">make your own theme</a>; and</li>
<li><a href="">Ask the community for help</a> or <a href="">open an issue</a>.</li>
<h2>Todo: make this a container-ized list of the docs</h2>
<p>(The best nav is no nav)</p>
<li class="vf-navigation__item">
<a href="{{ path('/') }}" class="vf-navigation__link">The components</a>
{% asyncEach item in %}
{% asyncEach menuitem in item %}
{% if menuitem.isIndex == true %}
<li class="vf-navigation__item {% if doc.path == menuitem.path %}is-active{% endif %}">
<a href="{{ path( (menuitem | url), request ) }}" class="vf-navigation__link">{{ menuitem.title }}</a>
{% endif %}
{% endeach %}
{% endeach %}
<li class="vf-navigation__item">
<a href="" class="vf-navigation__link">Help!</a>
{% include 'partials/browser/component-list.njk' %}
This is deprecated, instead go to the EMBL Design System:
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