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Split file upload buttons (#381)

parent bd111294
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......@@ -17,23 +17,22 @@
<div class="btn-group pull-right" style="margin-right:1em;background-color:#b5d7ec;border-radius: 3px;" role="group">
<st-file-upload-button [multiple]="true"
tooltip="{{isBulkMode ? 'Select a folder' : 'Select files'}}"
title="File upload"
tooltip="Select files"
<st-file-upload-button [multiple]="false"
title="Folder upload"
tooltip="Select a folder"
<span *ngIf="fileEl.hasDirSupport" class="mode-toggle checkbox pull-right" style="padding-left:6pt">
<input type="checkbox"
<span>Bulk folder</span>
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