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Merge pull request #13 from 3D-Beacons/revert-11-adding-alphafill

Revert "added alphafill to registry"
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......@@ -47,14 +47,6 @@
"providerUrl": "https://www.sasbdb.org/",
"baseServiceUrl": "https://www.sasbdb.org/rest-api/",
"providerLogo": "https://www.sasbdb.org/media/sasbdb-logo.png"
"providerId": "alphafill",
"providerName": "AlphaFill Model Data Bank",
"providerDescription": "AlphaFill is a databank of AlphaFold models enriched with ligands, cofactors, and ions that are transplanyed from homologous experimental structure models.",
"providerUrl": "https://alphafill.eu/",
"baseServiceUrl": "https://alphafill.eu/v1/aff/",
"providerLogo": "https://alphafill.eu/images/alphafill-logo.svg"
"services": [
......@@ -87,11 +79,6 @@
"serviceType": "summary",
"provider": "sasbdb",
"accessPoint": "3dbeacon/uniprot/"
"serviceType": "summary",
"provider": "alphafill",
"accessPoint": "3d-beacon/"
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