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## Welcome to GitHub Pages
# Welcome to the 3D-Beacons Registry
You can use the [editor on GitHub](https://github.com/3D-Beacons/3d-beacons-registry/edit/gh-pages/index.md) to maintain and preview the content for your website in Markdown files.
3D-Beacons is an open collaboration between providers of macromolecular structure models. The goal of this collaboration is to provide model coordinates and meta-information from all the contributing data resources in a standardized data format and on a unified platform.
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### Support or Contact
Having trouble with Pages? Check out our [documentation](https://docs.github.com/categories/github-pages-basics/) or [contact support](https://github.com/contact) and we’ll help you sort it out.
### Current 3D-Beacons
- [Protein Data Bank in Europe](https://pdbe.org)
- [Protein Data Bank in Europe - Knowledge Base](https://pdbe-kb.org)
- [Swiss-Model](https://swissmodel.expasy.org/)
- [Genome3D](http://genome3d.eu/)
- [FoldX](http://foldxsuite.crg.eu/)
- [Protein Ensemble Database](https://proteinensemble.org/)
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