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# How to contribute
#### Last updated 09 Feb 2022
## Ways of contributing
Everyone is welcome to contribute to this repository. We recommend the following steps:
### 1. Announce and discuss your proposal through GitHub “issues”
* Click on “Issues” in the top menu bar and look at the existing issues. See if your idea or suggestion is already being
* If an issue exists, add your comments. If you want to edit the content discussed, let people know through the
* If no relevant issue exists, create a new issue by clicking on the green “New issue” button on the right, and
choose one of the issues templates. You can find more information on creating issues in the GitHub documentation.
* Discuss your idea with the editors through comments in the issues. You will be notified when others comment on your
issues. Read the comments and write your opinion/questions/answers in the “Leave a comment” box and click on the green
“Comment” button on the right.
### 2. Write your content and make a pull request
* Fork the repository by clicking on the "Fork" button, while logged into GitHub
* Make the changes to the code in your forked copy of the repository
* Test your code and ensure there is sufficient documentation
* Open a pull request and refer to the issue identifier
* A developer from our team will review your code and merge it into the main repository
## Contributor responsibilities
When writing for this repository keep in mind the following:
* For the sake of consistency, please follow the coding style of the original repository.
* We give great importance to authorship credit. If others were involved in your contribution, by writing up or by
providing resources such as diagrams or links, please make sure you acknowledge them in the contributors’ section of
your page.
## Attribution of the contributors
All contributors will be displayed in the contributors page of the repository.
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