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......@@ -39,6 +39,14 @@
"providerUrl": "https://alphafold.ebi.ac.uk/",
"baseServiceUrl": "https://alphafold.ebi.ac.uk/api/",
"providerLogo": "https://alphafold.ebi.ac.uk/assets/img/dm-logo.png"
"providerId": "sasbdb",
"providerName": "Small Angle Scattering Biological Data Bank",
"providerDescription": "Small angle scattering (SAS) of X-ray and neutrons provides structural information on biological macromolecules in solution at a resolution of 1-2 nm. SASBDB is a fully searchable curated repository of freely accessible and downloadable experimental data, which are deposited together with the relevant experimental conditions, sample details, derived models and their fits to the data.",
"providerUrl": "https://www.sasbdb.org/",
"baseServiceUrl": "https://www.sasbdb.org/rest-api/",
"providerLogo": "https://www.sasbdb.org/media/sasbdb-logo.png"
"services": [
......@@ -66,6 +74,11 @@
"serviceType": "summary",
"provider": "alphafold",
"accessPoint": "uniprot/summary/"
"serviceType": "summary",
"provider": "sasbdb",
"accessPoint": "3dbeacon/uniprot/"
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