PDBE-4175: Added data resources for origin text field in documentation

parent 14b4d283
......@@ -579,7 +579,7 @@ def get_funpdbe_annotation_for_entry(entry_id):
@apiDescription This call provides details of all FunPDBe annotations for a PDB entry from a specific resource.
@apiVersion 0.1.0
@apiParam {String} origin=dynamine Origin/Resource
@apiParam {String="cath-funsites","14-3-3-pred","3Dcomplex","akid","3dligandsite","camkinet","canSAR","ChannelsDB","depth","dynamine","FoldX","MetalPDB","M-CSA","p2rank","Missense3D","POPScomp_PDBML","ProKinO"} origin=dynamine Origin/Resource
@apiParam {String} pdbId=1a08 PDB Entry ID
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