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* The tools use:
* [RDKit]( for chemistry
* [PDBeCIF]( cif parser.
* [PDBeCIF]( cif parser.
* [scipy]( for depiction quality check.
* [numpy]( for molecular scaling.
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* Generation of 3D conformations.
* Fragment library search.
* Chemical scaffolds (Murcko scaffold, Murcko general, BRICS).
* Lightweight implementation of parity method by Jon Tyczak.
* Lightweight implementation of [parity method]( by Jon Tyczak.
* RDKit molecular properties per component.
* UniChem mapping.
## TODO list
* Port rest of the important functionality implemented by Oliver
* Add more unit/regression tests to get at least 100% code coverage.
* Further improvement of the documentation.
* Add more unit/regression tests to get at least higher code coverage.
* Further improvements of the documentation.
## Notes
......@@ -76,4 +76,4 @@ Use this to re-generate the documentation from the doc/ directory:
make html
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