Commit 43ce30f8 authored by Peter Walter's avatar Peter Walter
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Merge branch '2-default-dev' into 'master'

default dev instead of prod

Closes #2

See merge request ebiwd/drupal8-bin!2
parents d2108cfb 4de431ef
......@@ -11,14 +11,14 @@ cd ${ROOT};
function usage {
echo "Clone database and files for local development";
echo "";
echo "Usage: bin/dump <sql|files|files-all|all> <dev|stage|prod>";
echo "Usage: bin/dump <sql|files|files-all|all> <dev|stage|prod>, default dev";
echo "";
exit 1;
# get the command and run it
# set environment variables
set -a; source ${ROOT}/.env; set +a;
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