Commit 15f2a5cb authored by Hermann Zellner's avatar Hermann Zellner

Removed ProDom database from InterProScan command in

parent cb3ea41f
......@@ -359,7 +359,7 @@ The option `-dp` or `--disable-precalc` must be used to be able to get the seque
``` bash
./ -f xml -dp -i multifasta_sequences.fasta --appl "Hamap,ProSiteProfiles,ProSitePatterns,Pfam,TIGRFAM,SMART,PRINTS,SFLD,CDD,Gene3D,ProDom,PIRSF,PANTHER,SUPERFAMILY"
./ -f xml -dp -i multifasta_sequences.fasta --appl "Hamap,ProSiteProfiles,ProSitePatterns,Pfam,TIGRFAM,SMART,PRINTS,SFLD,CDD,Gene3D,PIRSF,PANTHER,SUPERFAMILY"
#### Analyses to run
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