Commit ed7aa4e8 authored by Hermann Zellner's avatar Hermann Zellner


parent 365f2b5a
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ $ ./distribution/bin/ -r samples/saas-urml-latest.xml -i samples/input
$ ./distribution/bin/ -i ./samples/pirsr_data/PIRSR-input-iprscan.xml -o ~/ -a <path-to-hmmalign-command> -d ./samples/pirsr_data
``` bash
$ ./distribution/bin/ -r samples/unirule.pirsr-latest.xml -i ~/PIRSR-input-iprscan-urml.xml -s XML -t samples/pirsr_data/PIRSR_templates.xml -o ~/pirsr_unifire_annotation.csv
$ ./distribution/bin/ -r samples/unirule.pirsr-urml-latest.xml -i ~/PIRSR-input-iprscan-urml.xml -s XML -t samples/pirsr_data/PIRSR_templates.xml -o ~/pirsr_unifire_annotation.csv
_Note_: With all rule systems, it is possible that a protein get the exact same annotation from different rules due to overlap in condition spaces.
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