Unverified Commit 5e30b0d3 authored by Sanjay Boddu's avatar Sanjay Boddu Committed by GitHub
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Update to https

parent 356be9e6
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ module.exports = merge(common, {
new webpack.DefinePlugin({
BASE_URL: JSON.stringify('/gifts'),
API_URL: JSON.stringify('/gifts/api'),
AUTH_CALLBACK_URL: JSON.stringify('http://www-test.ebi.ac.uk/gifts/login'),
AUTH_CALLBACK_URL: JSON.stringify('https://www-test.ebi.ac.uk/gifts/login'),
READ_ONLY: JSON.stringify(process.argv.indexOf('--READ_ONLY') > -1 || false),
new HtmlWebPackPlugin({
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