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......@@ -372,7 +372,7 @@ def describeErrorRates(identification_accuracy_metrics:mzqc.QualityMetric) -> Li
return metrics
# TODO target decoy separation and FDR
# TODO target decoy separation and FDR, correct name would be getSamplingRates not ratios
def getSamplingRatios(identification_sequence_metrics:mzqc.QualityMetric) -> List[mzqc.QualityMetric]:
getSamplingRatios calculates the sampling ratio metric for identified tandem spectra.
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# QCCalculator
Development for python driven QC calculation (QCCalculator) and presentation (QSpector)
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Development for python driven QC calculation (QCCalculator) and presentation (QSpector)
## Install
pip install -U git+
## Dependencies
- biopython
- click
- mzqc-pylib
- pandas
- plotly-express
- pronto
- pyopenms
- requests
- toposort
See for most recent listing.
## Development
QCCalculator is structured as a click applications project.
The `` module contains the application code calling the metric calculation (from the other modules), data input (from pyopenms and pandas), and mzQC assembly (from mzqc-pylib).
The other modules contain metric calculation code for metric calculation and value collection split per topic of metrics.
### Contribution
For example, to add a new input from mzTab, you need a new module `` to read the identification data. You also need to extend the command function for full QC in ``. The code should accept the results of ``, optimally directly using the umbrella function `getIDQuality`. If that is not possible, you'd need to add a `` module to reuse the metric calculations with more direct input of values.
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