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"title":"Retrieving PRIDE data programmatically",
"content":"Retrieving PRIDE Archive data can be done programatically using the PRIDE Archive Web service Restful API",
......@@ -25,3 +25,24 @@ Private **PARTIAL** submissions only contains [RAW Files](./pridefileformats#sea
## Reviewing Complete Submissions
For **COMPLETE** submissions the corresponding mzIdentML or mzTab, [RSULT Files](./pridefileformats#result_files) , can be download using [PRIDE Inspector](./prideinspector).
### Checking the identified spectra
User can check any relevant peptide identification in the RESULT File and visualize the corresponding spectrum annotation:
![Peptide Table](../../static/markdown/prideinspector/files/peptideTable2.png)
The **fragment ion table** presents the difference between the theoretical identified ion and the experimental one:
![Fragmentation table](../../static/markdown/reviewpridedata/files/fragmenttable.png)
In addition the user can check the **protein coverage**, and protein sequence identified for all the idenfied proteins:
![Fragmentation table](../../static/markdown/prideinspector/files/proteinSequence.png)
You can check how to use [PRIDE Inspector here](./prideinspector)
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