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Minor build improvements and warning fixes

Marek Szuba requested to merge github/fork/wwcrc/minor-fixes into master

Created by: jmarshall

Some changes to Build.PL so that it will recognise HTSlib directories containing only (thus without libhts.a, i.e., when you have built only the shared library).

Warning fixes in the XS module code. With these patches, if you hack -Wno-unused into Build.PL:

         # Don't care about unused results from function calls
+        '-Wno-unused',
         '-Wno-unused-result',  ],

then the XS and .c code will compile without any warnings. Which makes it easier to see the warnings in your own new code. 😄

If you don't add -Wno-unused as well, you get a lot of unused variable warnings — notably for packname, which is universally unused.

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