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    YAHRF (Yet Another Hive ReFactor).....chapter 1 · 7675c31c
    Jessica Severin authored
    needed to better manage the hive system's load on the database housing all
    the hive related tables (in case the database is overloaded by multiple users).
    Added analysis_stats.sync_lock column (and correspondly in Object and Adaptor)
    Added Queen::safe_synchronize_AnalysisStats method which wraps over the
      synchronize_AnalysisStats method and does various checks and locks to ensure
      that only one worker is trying to do a 'synchronize' on a given analysis at
      any given moment.
    Cleaned up API between Queen/Worker so that worker only talks directly to the
      Queen, rather than getting the underlying database adaptor.
    Added analysis_job columns runtime_msec, query_count to provide more data on
      how the jobs hammer a database (queries/sec).