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    Merge branch 'version/2.5' · 1a949963
    Brandon Walts authored
    * version/2.5:
      Report the command that is failing
      update rtd_upgrade.sh and xhive in response to readthedocs stable build image update
      add a section regarding install requirements for guest languages
      The Docker image needs jdk12 too
      Not needed
      jdk13 is early access (not even release candidate). We should stick to a released version, e.g. jdk12
      We moved away from Oracle
      [docker] Cleanup the cpan working directory too to make the layer (slightly) smaller
      wrappers/java/pom.xml: bump jackson-databind to 2.9.9
      Fix travis build
      Java wrapper moved to open JDK
      Version of mvn changed to proj version
      Version changes, added CompileJava module run.
      Set of minimal dependencies
      Java build with maven
      bugfix: oracle-java8 is not available any more, but openjdk-8 works
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