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    - moved worker/process code related to persistant /tmp/worker_## directory · c8c45241
    Jessica Severin authored
      into the Worker object (and out of the Process)
    - added Process::worker method so that running processes can talk to the
      worker that is currently running itself.
    - modified system so that if a process subclass uses Process::dataflow_output_id
      on branch_code 1, it will turn off the automatic of flowing of the input_job
      out on branch_code 1.  This will make coding much cleaner so that processes
      no longer need to modifiy the input_id of the input_job
    - added method Process::autoflow_inputjob which toggles this autoflow behaviour
      if a subclass would like to modify this directly
    - auto_dataflow now happens right after the Process::write_output stage