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bugfix: oracle-java8 is not available any more, but openjdk-8 works

Marek Szuba requested to merge bugfix/oracle-java-8 into version/2.5

Created by: muffato

Use case

Docker builds have broken recently, because apt can't install the Oracle's Java version. See


I've simply moved to openjdk. I can't remember why we needed oracle's version in the first place.

Possible Drawbacks

If anything requires Oracle specifically, but @mira13 is also leaning towards openjdk in #104


Have you added/modified unit tests to test the changes?

I have rebuilt the Docker image locally and ran the example Java pipeline with prove -v /repo/ensembl-hive/t/10.pipeconfig/guest_language.t

If so, do the tests pass/fail?

It worked

Have you run the entire test suite and no regression was detected?

Yes (within the Docker image)

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