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Create log and PID file paths at server start-up

Marek Szuba requested to merge github/fork/nicklangridge/nickl-logpid-paths into master

Created by: nicklangridge


Adding code to create log root and PID root dirs when server starts. It is expected that log root and PID dirs exist and have mode 755 and currently the server will fail to start if this is not the case. Seems to make sense to create them if needed.

Use case

This is especially useful when deploying code in the EBI nfs-based environment where the same code checkout will be running on multiple VMs and log/pid dir names are based on the hostnames. For each host new log/pid dirs must be created (currently a manual process).


Simplifies deployment SOPs

Possible Drawbacks

Can't think of any


Only manual testing



Target branches

Please can this go to master and release/94 branches

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