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Pairwise cactus

Marek Szuba requested to merge github/fork/muffato/pairwise_cactus into release/95

Created by: muffato


This change comes from the helpdesk ticket #308278. Only the Cactus (mouse-strains) multiple-alignment is currently allowed, but we have in the databases entries for pairwise alignments of these species as well. The functionality could already be achieved by querying the entire set of mouse-strains and filtering by display_species, but querying the pair of species directly (just like our other pairwise alignments) is more natural (and faster).

Use case

Mouse-strains pairwise alignments are now allowed, as the alignments between the primary assembly and the haplotypes / patches (human and mouse).


Since the list is retrieved from the database, it will automatically find the alignments actually available. For instance, multiple-alignments are not available in EG databases, etc

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