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add epigenome schema changes

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Changes in the regulatory.t test are done to match the schema changes in the Epigenome table of the funcgen DB. Also, the test DB has been patched.

Use case

The schema of the epigenome table in the funcgen DB has changed. These changes are: The 'display_name' column has been renamed to 'short_name' And we have added these new columns 'full_name' and 'search_terms'

The changes in the Perl API are: (Epigenome) The 'display_label' method has been deprecated, now the 'short_name' method should be used. The methods 'full_name', 'search_terms' and 'encode_accession' have been added.

(Epigenome adaptor) The 'fetch_by_display_label' method has been deprecated, now the 'fetch_by_short_name' method should be used.



Possible Drawbacks



There are changes in the regulatory.t test

The test was passed.



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