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Marek Szuba requested to merge feature/testdbpatcher_select_types into master

Created by: mkszuba


Extend so that it is possible to specify, from the command line, which database types (e.g. compara, core, funcgen etc.) to patch.

Use case

The current ensembl-rest release policy stipulates that it is up to individual teams to submit PRs patching their respective test databases yet the relevant script was only able to indiscriminately patch all test-DB types present (with the exception of the hard-coded blacklist consisting of "hive" and "web", which types however are not relevant to ensembl-rest). This can be worked around by selective inclusion of files into Git commits but a new command-line flag controlling this has been requested.

See also: ENSCORESW-3259


Will make life easier for teams producing test-database patches for ensembl-rest, along with saving some CPU time which would otherwise be wasted on generating to-be-ignored patches.

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