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VGNC parser update

Marek Szuba requested to merge xref_VGNC into feature/xref_sprint

Created by: tgrego


Update to the VGNC parser during the first stage of the xref sprint. See ENSCORESW-2886. Updates were as agreed... no $_ variable handling, croak on error, null instead of '', linting in general... Parser now using Text::CSV. UPDATED: ENSCORESW-2835 also dealt with.


no unit tests. Manually tested with chimpanzee. UPDATED: Results are consistent.

OUTDATED: I have got 16101 xrefs with old code and 16105 with new... Xtra Xrefs are '9556', 'VGNC:57780', '0', 'VIPR1', 'vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor 1', '146', '9598', 'DIRECT', '', NULL '9564', 'VGNC:57781', '0', 'WDR82', 'WD repeat domain 82', '146', '9598', 'DIRECT', '', NULL '9566', 'VGNC:57782', '0', 'WNT7A', 'Wnt family member 7A', '146', '9598', 'DIRECT', '', NULL '9540', 'VGNC:57783', '0', 'UBXN7', 'UBX domain protein 7', '146', '9598', 'DIRECT', '', NULL

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