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Remove mgi xref mappings via ccds and uniprot

Created by: premanand17


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Removed the sections from the ini file corresponding to MGI ccds and uniprot sources. Removed the call to get the source id from 'MGI' source name and uniprot as it is not applicable anymore.

Use case

For mouse, we use MGI symbols as the official naming source. To increase the coverage, we use third-party mappings to MGI, including CCDS and UniProt mappings. As of the latest update, we have 14 MGI xrefs obtained via CCDS mappings and another 52 via UniProt. These updates will remove those additional mappings to get the mappings from a single source ie MGI.


We get the mappings only from single source (MGI)

Possible Drawbacks

We may miss the mappings for the some minimal ids. (14-ccds, 52-uniprot)


Tested it by running the xref_parser script and checked the _xref database for row counts. modules/t/xref_parser.t also passes

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