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RefSeqGPFFParser update, no ensembl-io

Marek Szuba requested to merge xref_RefSeqGPFFParser_no_eio into feature/xref_sprint

Created by: tgrego


Update to the RefSeqGPFFParser as part of the efforts of the xref sprint. See ENSCORESW-2898.

This pull request is a follow up on keeping the refactoring, but removing the ensembl-io dependency.

WormbaseCElegansRefSeqGPFFParser depends on RefSeqGPFFParser and is non-functional with this pull request, thus requiring changes.


No unit tests for this parser directly. Tested with subset of rat, however related xrefs were absent. Ongoing testing with full dataset. WormbaseCElegansRefSeqGPFFParser has tests in modules/t/xref_parser.t these will be temporarily silenced until changes are committed to WormbaseCElegansRefSeqGPFFParser

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